Thor, Vol. 6, #4 2nd Print, Black Winter Cameo & Cover App CGC 9.6 (Marvel, ‘20)
Thor, Vol. 6, #4 2nd Print, Black Winter Cameo & Cover App CGC 9.6 (Marvel, ‘20)

Thor Vol. 6 #4 2nd Print, Black Winter Cameo & Cover App, CGC 9.6 (Marvel, ‘20)

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  • SKU: TV6-0042P-CGC96
  • Brand: Marvel Comics
  • Type: Graded Comics
  • Availability: In Stock

Title: Thor Vol. 6 #4 2nd Print, 1st Cameo and Cover Appearance of the Black Winter, CGC 9.6 (Marvel, 2020)

Key Details:

  • Volume: Vol. 6
  • Issue: #4
  • Variant Information: 2nd Print
  • Grade Info: CGC 9.6
  • Story Arc: The Devourer King
  • Writer: Donny Cates
  • Artist: Nic Klein
  • Cover Artist: Nic Klein
  • Autograph Information: Not Autographed
  • Year of Publication: 2020
  • Genre: Superhero/Fantasy
  • Series Run Length: Ongoing
  • Affiliated Superhero Team: N/A (Thor solo series)
  • Main Characters: Thor, The Black Winter
  • Universe: Marvel Universe (Earth-616)

Comic Description:

In "Thor, Vol. 6, #4", the God of Thunder faces the looming shadow of the Black Winter, an entity that threatens not just Asgard, but the entire Marvel Universe. With Donny Cates at the helm and Nic Klein's breathtaking artwork, this issue is a turning point in Thor's journey. Unveiling the Black Winter's first cameo and cover appearance, this CGC 9.6 graded 2nd print edition is a gem for any collector.