Star Wars ROTS #64 R4-P17, Error, Numbered #68

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  • SKU: SWROTS05-R4P17-0640E68
  • Brand: Hasbro
  • Type: Toys
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Title: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith '05 #64 R4-P17, Error, Numbered #68

Product Description: Presenting R4-P17, the astromech droid known for its indomitable spirit and loyalty to Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi. This special version bears a unique production error: it's numbered as #68, adding an unexpected twist for collectors. With its vibrant red hue and intricate design, R4-P17 is a must-have for both enthusiasts and those looking for rare Star Wars memorabilia.

Figure Details:

  • Unique misprint: Incorrectly numbered as #68.
  • Vibrant red dome, staying true to the original droid's design.
  • Features rotating dome head, capturing its in-film essence.
  • Equipped with a holoprojection mechanism for realistic play.
  • Third leg can be retracted, offering dual display modes.
  • Detailed panels and ports, signifying the astromech's functionality.
  • Integrated with original droid sound effects for added authenticity.

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Year of Manufacture: 2005

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