Star Wars Revenge of the Sith '05 #57 Commander Bly

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  • SKU: SWROTS05-CMBL-0057
  • Brand: Hasbro
  • Type: Toys
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Title: Star Wars Revenge of the Sith '05 #57 Commander Bly

Product Description: Step into the realm of interstellar warfare with the illustrious Commander Bly action figure. Known for his leadership during the pivotal battles on Felucia, Commander Bly stands as an emblem of loyalty and prowess in the Star Wars saga. This figure captures his essence with unparalleled precision, making it a prized piece for both play and display. Whether you're reenacting intense battle scenes or simply admiring from afar, Commander Bly ensures an epic Star Wars experience.

Figure Details:

  • Stunning representation of Bly's unique helmet markings.
  • Equipped with twin blaster pistols.
  • Intricate yellow and brown Clone Commander armor detailing.
  • Multiple points of articulation for action-packed play.
  • Helmet visor designed for tactical scenarios.
  • Emblematic belt and utility pouches for added authenticity.
  • Tailored to fit perfectly amidst other figures from the saga.

Manufacturer: Hasbro

Year of Manufacture: 2005