Star Wars POTF2 Fan Club Kabe and Muftak

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  • SKU: SWPOTF2-FCKM-0010
  • Brand: Hasbro
  • Type: Toys
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Title: Star Wars Power of the Force 2 (POTF2) Fan Club Exclusive Kabe and Muftak Action Figures

Product Description: Journey into the bustling cantinas of the Star Wars universe with the exclusive Kabe and Muftak figures. These rare denizens of Mos Eisley come to life with intricate detailing, showcasing their unique alien features. Reserved primarily for the dedicated members of the Star Wars Fan Club, this pair will undeniably enhance the diversity and depth of your collection.

Figure Details:

  • Authentically crafted representations of Kabe's short stature and Muftak's hulking presence.
  • Articulated limbs for a variety of poses.
  • Fine details on Kabe's snout and Muftak's fur texture.
  • Accurate portrayal of their iconic cantina attire.
  • Both figures include respective accessories from the film.
  • Sturdy build for both display and play.
  • Recognizable from their cameo in "A New Hope."

Manufacturer: Kenner (later part of Hasbro)

Year of Manufacture: 1999