Batman issues #620, #621 & #622 Signed by Brian Azarello (DC, '03)
Batman issues #620, #621 & #622 Signed by Brian Azarello (DC, '03)
Batman issues #620, #621 & #622 Signed by Brian Azarello (DC, '03)

Batman Vol. 1 #622, Signed by Brian Azarello (DC, '03)

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  • Brand: DC Comics
  • Type: Raw Comics
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Title: Batman Vol. 1 #622, Signed by Brian Azarello (DC, '03)

Comic Description: Plunge into the gritty streets of Gotham with "Batman Vol. 1 #621," an essential piece of the Batman mythos. This issue, masterfully penned by the renowned Brian Azzarello and vividly illustrated by Eduardo Risso, offers readers a tantalizing exploration of the Dark Knight's ceaseless quest for justice. The added allure? It's personally signed by Brian Azzarello himself, amplifying its desirability for collectors. This issue embodies the essence of Batman's world, teeming with suspense, danger, and unyielding determination. A must-have for those who cherish the legacy of Gotham's vigilant guardian.

Comic Details:

  • Volume: 1
  • Issue: 622
  • Variant Information: Standard Edition
  • Grade Info: Not Graded
  • Story Arc: Broken City
  • Writer: Brian Azzarello
  • Artist: Eduardo Risso
  • Cover Artist: Dave Johnson
  • Autograph Information: Signed by Brian Azzarello
  • Genre: Superhero, Crime, Mystery
  • Series Run Length: 713
  • Affiliated Superhero Team: None (Batman solo series)
  • Main Characters: Batman, Joker, others depending on the arc
  • Universe: DC Universe

Publisher: DC Comics

Year of Publication: 2003

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